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San Francisco to Carmel-by-the-Sea May 19

Adieu San Francisco

May 19,2009

On our last morning we got up before 6 am & rode the streetcar to Beach Street. It intersects Columbus Avenue near there.

We ate breakfast at Joanie's Happy Days Cafe. There was a Google map & critic review taped to the front window. He liked the place but hated the music on their web site.

Other items on the menu that were different besides usual breakfast fare were a breakfast burrito, bowl of chili with cheese, hamburger patty, corned beef hash, chicken breast, steak with white gravy. Besides regular hamburgers they also had an avocado & bacon burger. Royal's Scrambled had hamburger, spinach, mushrooms & onions. Hobo Scrambled had ham, onions, country style potatoes plus Jack, Swiss & Cheddar cheeses.

I had Eggs Benedict made with crab under the spinach. The place is decorated with subtle taupe wallls and tile floor and has black & white photos of San Francisco street scenes.

1328 Columbus Avenue


We saw kids start walking to school around 8:30 am. School is from 9-5.

We walked down Lombard. The best way to see the crooked part of it turns out to be catching
the Hyde streetcar at Pier 39.

We had cafe au lait at another charming coffee shop, Caffee Sapore. It is located at the bottom of Lombard/corner of Taylor Street.

"Foreign places are not meant for you to be comfortable in them. They are desgned for natives of that area to be comfortable. If you do not like it go home & stay there." Clifton Fadiman

Home again.

Of course an online quilting magazine sent me a feature on fabric stores in San Francisco the day I get home. There was one shop I saw on Geary Street, Britex that was mentioned but did not go in. It would have been nice to buy some special material for the next quilt I will be starting soon. It looked like they had specialty shops for Chineese silk & Indian saris, novelty shops for theatrical costume materials. Besides several in San Fancisco there were a few in Berkley & Oakland.

Britex 415-392-2910 146 Geary St
Mendel's Far Out Fabric 415-621-1287 1556 Haight St
African Outlet 415-864-3576 524 Octavia St
Fabrix 415-221-4111 101 Clement St
Satin Moon 415-668-1623 32 Clement St
Black Cat Quilts 415-337-1355 2608 Ocean Avenue
Stone Mountain & Daughter 510-845-6106 2518 Shattuck Ave, Berkley
Silk Road 510-763-1688 272 14th St., Oakland

It's always nice to purchase some special souvenir distinctive to the area you visit. I regret for example not purchasing some hot & cold water faucets in France that read 'chaud' and 'froid', or a kitchen ceiling lampshade typical of country farmhouses, lampshades that look like a chinaman's hat with a lace handkercheif draped over it. On this trip we purchased caps for opened champagne bottles that keeps the fizz in after the bottle is opened, wine & food pairing charts from the Chandon winery.

Two ways to save for your next vacation are when you make a purchase for cash set aside any $5 bills you get in a vacation fund.

The other is to round down the amount of your paycheck when you balance your account, then round up the total for any checks you write so that you have more money in your account than it looks like. Keep a running total of the excess. At the end of each moth take that out & deposit into the vacation savings account.

We took 1,368 digital pictures on the trip.

It took us 36 hours to edit them and write this story.

Merna and Robert Schneider May 22, 2009

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